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Thank you for visiting KWK Copper, where original copper artwork and functional items are hand-forged and hand-hammered by coppersmith and artisan Karl Kiehnau.






Did you know copper is the most recycled metal in the world? With its anti-bacterial properties, and the fact that it doesnít rust, copper is both renewable and beautiful. Karl captures that beauty in his creations. Though able to design and create gigantic copper structures, Karl now focuses on copper heart bowls and round bowls of various sizes, from small to gigantic. He also makes copper trays, which are another of his specialty. On a smaller scale, Karl designs bracelets, rings and necklaces. He will also do commission work and copper repairs upon request, so please call for a quote. All copper pieces you receive will come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by Karl.



Karl Kiehnau is a long-time copper artist who first started by creating a copper repousse weather vane for his mother. After that, he was hooked, discovering his love for copper and what it represented. Though an electrician by trade with an international track record, Karl has since also built copper works that have been sent across America, from smaller pieces to large sculptures and architectural-style art.

To Karl, copper is forgiving and loving, and able to do so many things. It has a life and mind of its own, and he never knows quite how a piece will turn out. Still, Karl wants to leave the world a more beautiful place, and copper has the heart to help him do just that.

If youíre local, you can find Karl at different farmerís markets throughout the warm season, but if you found him online, you can purchase his copper works on Etsy.


Shows and Events


Upcoming events and shows:

Thiensville park market Tuesdays 9 am - 1 pm space 50
Portwashington main street market Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm space 27

Markets end in October


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